Serve With Us This Summer

We believe serving together across churches and generations brings life, rejuvenation, and hope to our weary souls & to the world around us. Since its start, Serve Home has acted as a springboard, inspiring us each year to open our eyes to more - more of God, more souls won for the Kingdom, more opportunities to love others sacrificially, more endurance to run the race Jesus has called us to. What will Serve Home spur you towards more of this year? Join us August 7th to the 12th, and find out!

Registration Coming Soon!

Registration for Serve Home 2022 is coming soon! Click below to join our contact list and we'll email you as soon as registration is officially open. Check back here for more information regarding packages, prices, and deadlines. We can't wait to serve with you!



"There's something so powerful about taking some time to invest in the needs of the community with Serve Home. I've been amazed at the depth of meaning I've experienced along with so many unexpected connections and unforgettable memories!"

- Savannah

"I really liked that you could work and be with your friends! I like playing with my friends as well as helping other people by working on their properties. And I like seeing the smiles on people's faces after we're done!" 

- Elouise, age 8

"Serve Home was the first time I saw a foreign short term missionary experience happen here at home. Being able to work and serve in the next town over with my whole family, including my younger children, showed me that being a missionary and being a Christian are actually the same exact thing."

- Dave

"At first I wasn't sure about doing all this hard work. I thought it might be boring. But later I realized Serve Home is not just about work, it's about God and helping people. It can be lots of fun, too!"

- Griffin, age 11

"I loved the community that was made. People from our church and other churches coming together to make a difference in our community. And having the time to talk about the Lord together with new people."

- Hailey, age 15

"I genuinely feel so good and content when I'm able to serve others. An experience like this gives you so much peace, and some of the most special moments of my life have happened during Serve Home."

- Hope, age 17

"I loved the community the most, by far. It's a different kind of love. I learned a handful of helpful building tips and tricks, but also how one week can change someone's life so much. [Serve Home] is an experience that no one could regret, helping people and having fun doing it!"

- Georgia, age 17

"I loved the fellowship and the opportunity to make a difference in my community. I learned that many hands make light work and just a few hours of our time can make a world of difference for someone else. I would recommend that everyone come and serve with us, any age, because we all have a great time and get to make many new relationships."

- Jack, age 19

"I loved seeing that God uses people of all ages and capabilities to complete the projects. It's fun working alongside such a diverse group of people. I learned that God already knows the outcome; I'm always in awe that what we think will turn out to be a really good thing ends up being an extraordinary thing with the hand of God with us."

- Carolyn

"One of the things I love most about Serve Home is the community it builds through the people working together."

- Eli, age 15