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About Us

Serve Home is a Christ-centered 501c3 nonprofit serving southeastern Massachusetts. Our goal is to build up the local community, local families, and local church by creating mission opportunities for people of all ages and seasons of life. We believe beautiful, life-changing things happen when people come together to help each other. Our mission is loving our neighbors & empowering the local church.

While we started out as a small church ministry, we took a big step in 2021 and officially became a 501c3 nonprofit organization. In 2023, we are expanding to a year-round ministry focused on developing and leading micro missions (1–2-day service missions) for volunteers.  Read more below for our complete timeline & history.

Serve Home serves all people regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background.

Our Mission

Loving our neighbors & empowering the local church.

How It Began

Summer 2017

The Inspiration

In July 2017, we took a group of teens from our church on a short term missions trip with Next Step Ministries in Lexington, South Carolina. We came home changed and inspired to create something in our own backyard: a summer mission experience for people to serve God by serving their neighbors. We wanted everyone to know the joy of being on mission and the opportunity we have to make an impact in our very own community. We dreamt up a local mission experience not just teens, but also for adults, families, and children - for all ages and all seasons of life.

Fall 2017

Planning for Year 1

Serve Home was given it's name and we stepped full swing into planning a week of summer mission for folks from our church to participate in during the upcoming summer.

Summer 2018

Year 1 of Serve Home

In August 2018, we completed our first official Serve Home summer mission! 50 volunteers from 2 churches joined us for a week of service projects on 2 homes, each day finished with dinner together and being led in worship and discussion in the evening. Teens participated in our overnight experience, staying at the church all week with adult chaperones for added bonding, growth, and mission "trip" experience.

Summer 2019

Year 2 of Serve Home

Serve Home more than doubled in size during its second summer - in volunteers, churches, and work sites! 100+ volunteers from 12 different churches joined us once again for a full week of service projects, dinner, worship, and discussion. Volunteers were spread out among 5 work sites, 3 homes and 2 community gardens, with teens and chaperones from several churches joining in a full week of Serve Home's overnight experience.

Summer 2020

Year 3 of Serve Home

Serve Home unexpectedly looked a little different in 2020, due to COVID-19; while we couldn't have our nightly dinners, worship, discussion, or overnight experience, we certainly didn't let that stop us from serving our neighbors. More than 50 volunteers were spread out among several community projects from gardening at a local nonprofit, to bagging lunches for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, to renovating two community gardens.

Summer 2021

Year 4 of Serve Home

Summer 2021 remained scaled back, still waiting to reimplement the large dinners, worship gatherings, and overnights that made Serve Home a full experience, yet more than 50 volunteers joined us in serving our neighbors this summer. Two homes were repaired, and we even hosted an event for local foster families!

Fall 2021

Official 501c3 Nonprofit

We took a leap of faith - Serve Home officially became its own independent 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

Summer 2022

Year 5 of Serve Home

More than 50 volunteers from 7 churches joined us for a week of service projects that included repairs on 1 home and the building of a garden and greenhouse for a new local high school. Summer 2022 welcomed back the return of nightly dinner and worship. 


In 2023 Serve Home is expanding how we serve our local communities! It has been a long-time dream of ours to be able to create regular mission opportunities in addition to our weeklong summer missions. Enter micro missions - smaller teams for smaller local missions that you (and friends or family) can be a part of. Be on the lookout for these one or two day projects throughout 2023.

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